The Wave
The Wave
The Wave
Type: eBook
Released: 2007
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (UK)
Page Count: 160
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0141322608
ISBN-13: 9780141322605
User Rating: 5.0000 out of 5 Stars! (1 Votes)

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Matthew Gunia (Justice, Illinois) | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I'll start out -high schoolers, cheerleaders, football players, etc. Strasser also includes minor characters for break away from the action or for comic relief. I know my students enjoyed the characters, especially the girls who enjoyed the interaction between them and the fact that the progagonist is a female. Second, it deals with things that many young adults should know more about and/or have strong feelings about: the Holocaust and peer pressure. Discussing Nazi-ism with my class prior to reading the book caused them to ask many of the questions that the characters asked. The book helped them to understand the Holocaust better and lead to a discussion about peer pressure and the importance of setting your limits clearly before someone in high school pressures you into something (drugs, drinking, sex, stereotyping). Finally, it's a well written book. It has short chapters (everyone likes those), it's fast paced (because the book takes place over a week or so) and the main points are easilly understandable because the author has the characters repeat important information in different ways several times to make sure the young adult reader is not getting lost in sub-plots. In all, an excellent work that more parents or other adults should read with their children.

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